Sercret riches of Prime Minister Mishustin

Judging by the assets that Mishustin and his family have amassed: he’s just as big of a crook as his predecessor Dmitry Medvedev.

It’s been two weeks since Mikhail Mishustin was appointed as the new Prime Minister of Russia. Everyone is wondering what his premiership will be like. To answer this question, it’s only natural to look at his past experience. Mishustin has been a government official for the last 22 years, and judging by the assets that he and his family have amassed over that time, we really shouldn’t get our hopes up: he’s just as big of a crook as his predecessor Dmitry Medvedev.

It is worth noting that it would be really hard to obtain any information about Mishustin’s assets now. After his appointment as the Prime Minister, all ownership documents containing his name or the names of his relatives have been edited. The names of all owners have been replaced with “Russian Federation”. Luckily, the Anti-Corruption Foundation has been putting together a dossier on Mishustin for the past 5 years, because we’ve always known that he’s a thief and a bribe taker. That’s why we have all the necessary documents with all the names at our disposal, despite the recent efforts to classify this information. So today, we will go through all of Mishustin’s assets and introduce you to some of the members of his crime family.

First of all, there’s a 2.6 hectare land plot on Rublyovka with 6 houses of different sizes. Mishustin recently claimed that he purchased it back in 2000 with the incomes from his International Computing Club. He is definitely lying though.The land plot is actually legally split into three parts with different nominal owners, and the part that was purchased by Mishustin in 2000 only takes up 20% of it.

Now that we’ve mentioned the complex ownership structure of Mishustin’s colossal land plot, we can take a closer look at the owners of its other parts. The second part was purchased in 2012 by Mishustin’s father Vladimir, who was over 70 at that time, and later transferred to his wife (and Mikhail Mishustin’s mother) Elizaveta. Needless two say, there is no way this elderly couple could have possibly afforded such a large land plot in such a luxurious area with their own money. The person they’ve purchased it from is Gennady Bukaev, a close friend of Mishustin and former tax minister of Russia.

Finally, the third part is owned by Mishustin’s sister Natalia Stenina. She doesn’t seem to have any job other than being the figurehead owner. And this job definitely pays well. Her daughter goes to the same elite Swiss school as Mishusin’s two sons. She drives luxury cars and owns a total of ₽1.6 billion worth of real estate. Apart from her part of the Rublyovka land plot, which is worth ₽730 million, she also owns a 2500 m2 land plot with a 925 m2 house in an elite villa community “Agalarov Estate” worth ₽400 million, a 170 m2 apartment in the “Nightsbridge Park” residential complex worth ₽200 million, another 2500 m2 land plot on Rublyovka worth “merely” ₽30 million and 25% of the elite restaurant “Nedalny Vostok” in the center of Moscow.

It’s now worth noting that Stenina’s part of Mishustin’s land plot was actually made up of 10 smaller land plots, most of which were presented to her in 2009 by one Alexander Udodov. Udodov is a very interesting character. In fact, he’s the type of person Mikhail Mishustin really isn’t supposed to have anything in common with. He’s a criminal who has enriched himself on fraudulent schemes involving VAT refunds in the late 2000s, at the time when Mishustin was working as the Deputy tax minister.

Any sort of friendship between the head of the Federal Tax Service and a famous tax fraudster would be suspicious, but the security services don’t seem to mind. Mishustin and Udodov have been good friends since the 90s. They regularly play hockey together, Udodov has been seen attending the conferences of Mishustin’s International Computing Club on several occasions and has even worked as the managing director of Mishustin’s company before he became a government official.

Udodov also owns 25% of the “Nedalny Vostok” restaurant, just like Natalia Stenina. The remaining half is owned by the famous caterer Arkady Novikov. This isn’t the only connection between Novikov and Mishustin’s family though. In 2018, the future Prime Minister decided to purchase two luxurious apartments in Moscow for his two sons. The apartments were owned by Alexander Udodov’s company, but Mishustin decided not to purchase them directly from a person with such a shady background and employed the help of Novikov instead. The latter first purchased the apartments from Udodov and then either sold or outright presented them to Mishustin’s sons. He actually had to wait five months between the two deals, because Mishustin’s second son had to turn 18 first — otherwise the apartment would show up in his father’s asset disclosure.

We have omitted several less significant assets owned by Mishustin’s family. The total worth of just the real estate owned by the relatives of this man, who’s been a government official for the past 22 years, exceeds ₽3 billion. Mishustin’s wife has also received ₽800 million of official income over the past few years, despite not doing any business that anyone would know of. However, instead of opening an official investigation against the crooked official and his family, our entire government is doing its best to make sure nobody ever learns about this. One hand washes the other, as they say.

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