Bank accounts of Navalny and his family blocked under the "FBK case"

On the 3rd anniversary of our “Don’t call him Dimon” investigation, all bank accounts of Navalny and his family got blocked

Last year, the Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK) was accused of money laundering. 75 million rubles of donations received by the foundation are currently considered by the Investigative Committee as money obtained by criminal means. During the past months, hundreds of bank accounts of people who were ever related to the foundation or donated money to it got blocked under the “FBK case” in an alleged attempt to recover the “stolen” millions.

Alexey Navalny himself has never withdrawn any money from FBK accounts or used it for his personal needs. Moreover, he personally donates a small amount of money to the foundation every month. Despite that, he discovered yesterday that his bank account got blocked as well, and his credit card balance now stands at minus 75 billion rubles. The same happened to his wife, his elderly parents (who now won’t be able to receive their pension), and even his 11-year-old son Zakhar. Zakhar had a special kids’ bank account that he was using to save his pocket money to buy a computer. All 30,000 rubles that Zakhar has managed to save were now taken away by the government. The same was also done to the wife and elderly parents of FBK director Ivan Zhdanov.

Interestingly enough, these events coincided with the 3-year anniversary of the “Don’t call him Dimon” investigation. We don’t know if there is an actual connection here, or if Vladimir Putin simply got mad at our latest investigations about Prime Minister Mishustin and his brother-in-law Alexander Udodov.

Navalny kept most of his funds in his bank account, so now he isn’t sure how he is going to pay his rent or even buy groceries. However, we are sure that Alexey will find a way out of this difficult situation. The Anti-Corruption Foundation will continue its work, and our new large investigation will come out very soon.

Watch Alexey Navalny’s latest video with English subtitles for more information on this topic.

P.S. Oligarch Oleg Deripaska also decided to sue Alexey Navalny yesterday. Deeripaska felt offended by Navalny’s words about him and now wants Alexey to publish a rebuttal and pay a symbolic compensation of 1 ruble. We will keep you updated on this situation.